Amanda Shepherd is the illustrator of FOUR books - Rules of the Wild by Bridget Levin, Who Loves Me by Patricia MacLachlan, Fiona Loves the Night by Patricia MacLachlan and Emily Charest Maclachlan and Such a Silly Baby by Chronicle Books.

Originally from the Seattle area, she lives in Phoenix Arizona with her wildly creative husband Gary and the Polly the hurricane baby cat. Baby Kat (BK Cat) is a leaping, bug catching wild grey tabby - taking the world by storm.

Rules of the Wild was a finalist in the 2004 Minnesota Children's Book Awards. Her work was featured at the Original Art Show at the Society of Illustrators in 2005 for Who Loves Me and once again in 2007 for Fiona Loves the Night. Amanda is honored to have recently received the 2007 Ezra Jack Keats / Kerlan Collection Memorial Fellowship Grant from the University of Minnesota.

Her work has been exhibited at the Burton Barr Library of Phoenix, Arizona and the Arizona Museum for Youth in Mesa, Arizona.

Amanda is a member of the Artist's Trust of the State of Washington, Society of Childrens Book Writers and Illustrators, Picture Book Artist Association and an active member of the Arizona Arts Community.